Strategic Storytelling


Startups are all about the idea, so you have to make that idea clear to your investors, partners, and first customers. I will partner with you to make sure that things like grant applications, pitches, landing pages, and even emails are getting you the results you need.

You have a lot to say, but I can help you figure exactly what to say, when, and to whom. Let me create a content strategy so that your message is the one that your audience needs to hear.

Content Strategy

startup messaging

Your product has to be a plot point in your customer's story. If it's not, they won't buy it -- it's that simple. So what is your customer's story? I can help you find it, and gear all your copywriting to support it. Your internal team will be clear, and your customers will know exactly what your product can do for them.

What I Offer

storytelling matters. We help you do it well.

brand story

creative content

Once you have a strategy, you still need someone to make the content. We are a team of creative professionals in text, photography, and video who can package your stories to be beautiful and shareable.