Strategic Storytelling

let's make it work

I love working with startups and small business, but they don't have a lot of money to spare. I get it -- neither do I. I have to choose my expenses carefully, and so do you. Marketing and communications is not a luxury, though -- it's a necessity. You can't make money if you can't connect with your customers. So paying for marketing should pay for itself in the end. But for a small business, this can seem like a big risk.

So let's solve this problem. Here are three solutions:

1) For a specific job or specific period of time, we can negotiate an hourly rate.

2) For a specific achievement -- like getting funding, getting your first 1000 users, or reaching a certain conversation rate -- we can negotiate a two-part fee. The first part is paid on a schedule, and the second part is paid only if we reach your goals, together. I thrive on setting a target then trying to reach it, and I think we will both be more focused on achievement if we both have 'skin in the game.'

3) The gig economy is all about people networking, grouping up for projects, and working together. With that in mind, I'll tell you that I sometimes accept barter, time exchange, or favour exchange for my work. I am especially interested in doing this with graphic designers, UX/UI designers, videographers, data analysts, and growth hackers.