professional reputation

Are you making everyone aware of your full professional potential? Your online presence should always be up to date, and goal-oriented.

In a short series of meetings and work sessions, I'll find the thread that connects your past with your potential, and create a strategy for getting what you want professionally. This package includes a rewritten LinkedIn profile, a social media strategy, a short bio, and one ghostwritten article that can be posted or shared on a strategic channel.

Foundation communications

When your company is just starting out, all you have is your story. You need to tell it well, and in the right way, to dozens of different groups. And in most founding teams, you have people focused on building the product, building the company, and building the team, but no one is focused on building the story. Get me involved, and I can be that person. 

I can help with grant applications, early website content, recruiting documents, stage presentations, elevator pitches, formal pitches, onboarding emails, and anything else that comes up. 

creative content marketing

Authentic connection with your customers -- that's what all your marketing and outreach activities should be leading to. By creating interesting, shareable content and putting it on the right channels, you can get a lot of effect for a small marketing budget.

I'll meet with you to figure out your target audience and key messages, and then we can build a content strategy that is the most likely to be successful with the people you need to connect with. 


workshops and coaching

Storytelling is a core business process. It creates measurable value if integrated into product development, company-building, recruiting and HR, marketing and customer care. If you would like to give your team some new tools to work with, I can come and give a workshop on strategic communications and storytelling that is geared to your industry, and responds to issues your group is facing right now.

I can also work as a storytelling coach on a real project that you or your team are doing. A real-world situation is the best learning opportunity.​

Strategic Storytelling